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It’s Alive! Micro Art Studio is up and ready for order!

All of the Micro Art Studio product is live on the site as of this morning. This is very exciting for us and we are happy to be able to offer the products to you. At the moment, if you look over the website you will see that everything is listed as back-order. This is because we have not yet received our initial shipment of product. There has been such a backlog with product being unavailable for so long, I am concerned that my initial order may not be enough to meet all the backed up demand. So, I am opening orders for about a week and will add any back-orders made on the site up until then on to my initial stock order. In any event, September 4th I am finalizing the order so if there is anything you want, I recommend ordering it now to ensure you get it. Also, if you go to our Facebook page or check out a couple of the Infinity forums, you will find a coupon code for 20% off all Micro Art Studio products which is good only for orders received before September 4th.

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