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From Poland with Love!!!

MAS InventoryAfter lots and lots of work getting everything launched and setup, today is a huge day for us here. Our first inventory arrived direct from Micro Art Studio! It will probably take us a day to go through it all but be assured, there is some of everything in there and we will get the stock levels updated ASAP. You can order from “backstock” and we will fill it as soon as we get it out of the box. If you have already placed an order with us, we are going to crunch through and get them all shipped this week.

Infinity Harbour started expressly because we were unable to buy Micro Art Studio products in the USA and they were the first company we approached about buying direct. We are very excited to be able to have these available for you and to have such a good direct relationship with Micro Art Studio to ensure we will continue to have these in stock for you going forward. Come and get it! See the whole line here:

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