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Who wants to win a table full of Bandua’s new Aztec apartments? You do!

BAI000056 (2)I remember the first email I got back from Bandua when I was still just trying to determine the feasibility of buying Infinity product direct from Europe for the North American market and wondering if I could convince any of the manufacturers to participate. Infinity Harbour really could only exist with manufacturer participation so I was a bit nervous and anxious about what they would have to say – but, I drafted my proposal emails, introduced myself and waited for a response. The next morning, they simply said, “I have to say it seems a very good idea for us, and we will help you on anything we can.” It was exactly the encouragement I needed to launch Infinity Harbour and they have been absolutely true to their word.

Fast forward to now. We received a pile of boxes from Spain and have gone through everything and updated stock on the site. However, there was one additional box in the shipment that I hadn’t ordered. Bandua has sent a gift for their North American customers – and it is an incredibly generous gift at that. For the next month, until October 31st, customers who purchase $100 or more of Bandua product from us will be entered into a drawing for this gift box. If you place multiple orders during the month and the total amount ordered during the month totals $100 or more, we’ll enter you too! It is exactly this kind of generous support from Bandua that shows their and our commitment to you, our customers, to provide you with the best products and make them available here in North America. Check out the video for more.

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