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Antenocitis Workshop restock has arrived!

lampposts_awi10055As you may know, we had a problem with our last Antenocitis Workshop reorder when it vanished in transit after clearing customs. You can see more info in our previous post here. Antenocitis Workshop (and by extension you and I) had to wait for UPS to complete their investigation and pay for the loss before Antenocitis Workshop could start remaking the order and getting it shipped to us. Antenocitis Workshop like most of our partners are a small company and large orders are manufactured as they are placed. Losing an order of our size and then having to turn around and make it again was stressful for everyone. Luckily, Antenocitis got right to it and now it has arrived and it includes some new products as well!

I’ll be going through it and getting it into inventory today and then fill any orders waiting on stock. Thanks again for your patience and understanding and a big thank-you to Antenocitis for getting inventory remade and back to us promptly!

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Where is the (or my) Antenocitis stuff?

You may have noticed we have been low and out of a significant amount of Antenocitis stock lately. You may have an order held in limbo waiting on Antenocitis products. Unfortunately, we have had an issue with our last order which is inevitable when dealing globally with manufacturers directly.

All of the manufacturers we deal with directly manufacture our order once we place it and it typically takes 2-3 weeks to make. Shipping typically is a week or so. Thus, it is possible if there is a rush on a product to be out of it for a couple weeks. After manufacturing our last last order, Antenocitis shipped us our product as per usual. It arrived in the US, cleared customs… and then vanished. Completely. The whole thing. UPS would not start an investigation until the delivery date had been 10 business days overdue. Then, they wanted a couple weeks to investigate the missing package. Basically, things have been tied up for a month looking for the shipment. The investigation is over and it turned up nothing. Antenocitis is starting to remake the order but that will take a couple weeks still.

The bottom line is that while this is an unfortunate event and we deeply regret the delay, it is out of our hands and both Infinity Harbour and Antenocitis are working as quickly as possible to get product back to us. So ultimately, no worries. We are very dedicated to continue to keep Antenocitis products in stock with high availability and will continue to do so barring issues such as these. If you have an order waiting on a restock and need a refund, let us know and we will take care of it for you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about this issue.

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CNC Workshop Preorders

We are extremely excited to announce that we are adding CNC Workshop to our list of direct partners. Not only have you asked regularly for us to carry their amazing products, we too have wanted their stuff for our tables! Based on the response to our early posts asking for feedback about adding their line, it is clear there is a lot of pent-up demand. So, while we have our initial inventory order ready to go, we want to have a month of preorders to make sure everyone gets what they want rather than just immediately selling out of our inventory and having to wait for them to run our production again and ship. Just like our other direct partners, we will be keeping our stock levels as solid as possible to ensure regular availability. We can get anything they make and have selected items we think most Infinity players would be interested in. If there is anything else they make you want that we don’t have listed, let us know and we will add it for you!

So, the plan is to keep preorders open until May 31st. In order to celebrate, up until we place our order, we are giving a 10% discount on all CNC Workshop products. Use the coupon code “CNCincoming!” to apply the discount!

See all there great products here!

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