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Black Friday Sale!

Friday we are having a site-wide 10% off sale. The code is “friday10” but it should appear in your cart automatically. The discount is good for anything except gift cards. Don’t forget to fill out your wishlist or get yourself a little something too!

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Preview of new Bandua Consoles, Crates, and Barriers

I received some previews of several prototypes and works in progress from Bandua for new products that I have permission to share. I thought you all might like to see them! The crate and consoles look to be great objective markers and the new barrier has a ton of flexibility on the table. I’m a sucker for anything with acrylic cutouts. These will be super handy and look better on the table for street scenes instead of piles of cargo containers. We are looking forward to seeing these once they are done! What do you think?

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Our Bandua Winner!

Congrats to Ben Cunningham for winning the generous prize box donated by Bandua for our opening! This in addition to the rest of his order means he should have a pretty great table to play on. I say we all meet for a game at Ben’s place!

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Infinity November Release Preorders

Wow! Another set of amazing releases from Corvus. Get your pre-orders in for these November items if you want to make sure to reserve one.

Haqqislam: Special Deterrence Group Azra’il (AP HMG)


Yu Jing: Guijia Squadrons


PanOceania: Seraph, Military Order Armored Cavalry


Ariadna: Roger Van Zant, CPT. 6th Airborne Ranger


ALEPH: Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Corps (Doctor)


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Stocking – Now or Later?


Warmill is a company we have had numerous requests to stock here in the US and we have talked them and they do have terms available for us to do so. However, the initial order is not insignificant and since we just went live a little over a month ago, capital is short in supply so we need to be cautious whenever we add a new line.

So, I am trying to gauge interest to see if there is enough demand for us to bring it in now. Eventually, once we get settled, we definitely will be bringing it in because we think it’s great stuff . This is just to see if we perhaps go ahead and do it now. So, if you would potentially be interested in placing an order, drop me a line and I’ll get you pricing. If there are enough people ready to order, we will go ahead and bring them in.

Check out their great terrain:

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Corvus Belli Restocks and Availability

We just did a total stock update on Corvus Belli. Overall, availability is the best I’ve seen in a while with only a couple items unavailable from distribution. However, lots of SKUs only have one or two available so while the supply is wide, it is shallow. If you have been wanting anything now would be a good time to get it ahead of the holiday rush.

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Infinity October Release Preorders

Preorders for the October new releases are now available. Reserve yours now as they are sure to be hard to get!

Ariadna: USAriadnan Grunts
PanOceania: Svalarheima Nisses HMG
Yu Jing: Tiger Soldiers
Haqqislam: Hunzakuts (Rifle)
Nomads – Corregidor Alguaciles
Nomads – Mobile Brigada
 Combined Army: Drone Remotes
ALEPH: Acmon, Sergeant of Dactyls
Tohaa: Kosuil Assault Pioneers (Combi Rifle)