Barricade Set 3 – Total


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Hasty barricades made from crates and other bits and pieces found lying around your Infinity table:

This “total” set four pieces (combining the small and large sets):

1)  a small pile of secure crates
2) 150mm long, 40mm tall.
3) 146mm x 75mm x 40mm tall
4) 134mm x 70mm deep x 40mm tall

They all  have plenty of spaces and inset arts to allow 25mm and 40mm bases to get in cover and contact with it, to provide partial or total cover for your figures.

AW says: The full barricades set is comprised of 6 packs of individual products valued at £45.00p, which we’ve combined into four larger pieces so that you dont have the hassle of having to assemble all the individual parts, and making the resultant pieces more rugged on the table top. The full set therefore represents about a 33% saving on buying all of the components individually.

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