Black Market Sector


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This ready-to-use bundle contains a Q-Building BETA (Q-Building XL, L and S), a Q-Building GAMMA (Q-Building XL, L and S), a Holographic Street Signs 1 and a Holographic Street Signs 2, with a reduced price! Everything you need to set up an Infinity table starts here! A total of 6 different buildings, and 8 advertising panels of acrylate, all of them prepainted and modular, allowing multiple configurations in each game, fully prepainted and detailed, as seen on posters, doors, light panels etc. bracklet that allow you to exchange the billboards to leave them simply leaning on the ground, or hanging from any building. These pieces are interchangeable and do not need to be attached to the signs, so you can set your table with them in different ways in each game! All Q-Buildings are fully modular, being able to use the buildings as a single tower, or individual elements, without losing the coherence of colors or textures between any of them, which makes it one of the most versatile and useful terrain packs on the market.

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