ITS objectives set Infinity (14 Units)


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Complete set of objective markers for the Infinity ITS missions. With this set you have most of the markers needed to play any of the current ITS scenarios at a special price.


  • 6 x Cargo crate
  • 1 x Comlink console
  • 2 x Mark one beacon (with diferent colours)
  • 5 x Sat Station Antenna (with 5 diferent console colours)

All pieces are designed in collaboration with Corvus Belli to be fully compatible with Infinity the game.

To make this set affordable, with it you can not play the mission “Emergency Transmission”, because it is a mission that it’s not usually played in tournaments and needs a lot of consoles. Remember that you can buy extra consoles individually to play this mission.

Notice that this product is sold unmounted and unpainted and the photos only are suggestions. The product will come with a appropriated Infinity bases to use as support for each of the items, our custom bases appears in the photo just for aesthetic purposes.


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