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Site is mobile friendly

We designed the site with you in mind. We really wanted to make sure that not only could you get the product you wanted here in North America, but that the site would optimize your experience in doing so. Things like the live chat are an example of this. What you may not notice is that we have also made the site very mobile friendly for both phones and tablets. So, next time you are playing and thinking, “I need another building, some crates, and a couple more token sets”, pull out the phone and take care of it!

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It’s Alive! Micro Art Studio is up and ready for order!

All of the Micro Art Studio product is live on the site as of this morning. This is very exciting for us and we are happy to be able to offer the products to you. At the moment, if you look over the website you will see that everything is listed as back-order. This is because we have not yet received our initial shipment of product. There has been such a backlog with product being unavailable for so long, I am concerned that my initial order may not be enough to meet all the backed up demand. So, I am opening orders for about a week and will add any back-orders made on the site up until then on to my initial stock order. In any event, September 4th I am finalizing the order so if there is anything you want, I recommend ordering it now to ensure you get it. Also, if you go to our Facebook page or check out a couple of the Infinity forums, you will find a coupon code for 20% off all Micro Art Studio products which is good only for orders received before September 4th.

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Like so many Infinity players in North America, I have been extremely frustrated with the general lack of availability of some of the best products for Infinity here. The problem is based on several factors including the size of the lines which makes it hard for retailers to stock, a small number of distributors with large minimum orders and not a lot of stock, and the geographic reality of many manufacturers being in Europe.

For retail stores, Infinity is one of many products they must balance to cover their expenses and therefore they are focused on more than just Infinity. Further, the size of the core line, plus all the products from other companies means they have to dedicate a substantial amount of money to inventory and shop space for all of it. This makes it risky for them and understandably, availability of Infinity products in retail sources here has been spotty to non-existent. Distributors are balancing even more product lines and likewise cannot provide the specialized focus on the Infinity line of products and vendors that it deserves. Long lead times in shipping and high minimum orders only make the situation worse for retailers as the distributor is often out of stock, has long lead times to restock, and large orders must be placed which leaves large holes in the retailer’s inventory for extensive periods before restock. Lastly, almost all of the Infinity products come from Europe. This makes shipping a substantial and expensive proposition no matter what. So, where does Infinity Harbour fit into this picture?

The goal of Infinity Harbour is to be the source for North American players for all things Infinity. We *only* carry Infinity and associated products. We have a 100% focus on the product lines that cannot be matched by generalist retailers and distributors. However, and most importantly, we have partnered *directly* with the European manufacturers and will be receiving stock directly from them, bypassing US distribution channels entirely. Our Infinity partners have removed barriers to their product by removing heavy minimum orders and been as reasonable as possible with shipping charges as geography allows. The net result is that we will have product in stock more quickly, be ordering much more frequently, and be able to deliver it you promptly. We are very excited to finally help bring relief to Infinity players who have been so frustrated up to this point. We are very excited to say we will be offering the Infinity product lines from Micro Art Studio, Bandua, and Plast Craft to start. All of these are coming direct from Europe, direct from the manufacturer. We are looking forward to many years of partnering with these suppliers to keep their products available to you. Welcome!