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Infinity October Release Preorders

Preorders for the October new releases are now available. Reserve yours now as they are sure to be hard to get!

Ariadna: USAriadnan Grunts
PanOceania: Svalarheima Nisses HMG
Yu Jing: Tiger Soldiers
Haqqislam: Hunzakuts (Rifle)
Nomads – Corregidor Alguaciles
Nomads – Mobile Brigada
 Combined Army: Drone Remotes
ALEPH: Acmon, Sergeant of Dactyls
Tohaa: Kosuil Assault Pioneers (Combi Rifle)

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Who wants to win a table full of Bandua’s new Aztec apartments? You do!

BAI000056 (2)I remember the first email I got back from Bandua when I was still just trying to determine the feasibility of buying Infinity product direct from Europe for the North American market and wondering if I could convince any of the manufacturers to participate. Infinity Harbour really could only exist with manufacturer participation so I was a bit nervous and anxious about what they would have to say – but, I drafted my proposal emails, introduced myself and waited for a response. The next morning, they simply said, “I have to say it seems a very good idea for us, and we will help you on anything we can.” It was exactly the encouragement I needed to launch Infinity Harbour and they have been absolutely true to their word.

Fast forward to now. We received a pile of boxes from Spain and have gone through everything and updated stock on the site. However, there was one additional box in the shipment that I hadn’t ordered. Bandua has sent a gift for their North American customers – and it is an incredibly generous gift at that. For the next month, until October 31st, customers who purchase $100 or more of Bandua product from us will be entered into a drawing for this gift box. If you place multiple orders during the month and the total amount ordered during the month totals $100 or more, we’ll enter you too! It is exactly this kind of generous support from Bandua that shows their and our commitment to you, our customers, to provide you with the best products and make them available here in North America. Check out the video for more.

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From Poland with Love!!!

MAS InventoryAfter lots and lots of work getting everything launched and setup, today is a huge day for us here. Our first inventory arrived direct from Micro Art Studio! It will probably take us a day to go through it all but be assured, there is some of everything in there and we will get the stock levels updated ASAP. You can order from “backstock” and we will fill it as soon as we get it out of the box. If you have already placed an order with us, we are going to crunch through and get them all shipped this week.

Infinity Harbour started expressly because we were unable to buy Micro Art Studio products in the USA and they were the first company we approached about buying direct. We are very excited to be able to have these available for you and to have such a good direct relationship with Micro Art Studio to ensure we will continue to have these in stock for you going forward. Come and get it! See the whole line here:

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Bandua is on the way!

Just got word from Bandua that our stock has shipped and is on the way to the US! If all goes well, it could be here next week. Also, I have very exciting news concerning a giveaway of Bandua product to celebrate our partnership! Look for details soon!

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Do You Need a Series 7 Kolinsky Brush? Yes, Yes You Do!

If you want the best brush possible for your painting, you want a Winsor & Newton Series 7 Kolinsky sable brush. Period. I’ve painted with these since the 1980s and it’s the only brush I use any more. There are other good brushes out there to be sure, but the Series 7 is the best. It’s the only sable brush we carry for a reason.

So, what’s the catch and why wouldn’t you want one? Mainly, cost. They aren’t cheap. While I think they are an affordable luxury and well cared for you can expect them to last you for years, it is undeniable that you can buy several cheaper brushes for the price of one Series 7. My advice though, is don’t do it. Buy a Series 7 – at least one to treat yourself with. A good place to start is with a round 1 or a round 0. Save the miniature line of brushes for after you’ve tried the long bristles of the round.

The Series 7 was developed in 1866 when Queen Victoria ordered Winsor & Newton to create for her the finest watercolor brushes possible in her favorite size – 7. Thus the series was born. Each brush is handmade by expert brush makers who have over 10 years of experience before they can work on the Series 7 line.

Sable has several advantages over cheaper nylon brushes. First, nylon brushes suffer from tip curl. Over a short time of usage, the nylon distorts and you end up with a curled tip. Nylon brushes are mass manufactured and are not set to hold a particularly sharp point. Part of this is in the manufacture of the brush but also in the material. Nylon simply will not stay set in a shape the way sable can. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, nylon does not absorb paint. This means that the brush does not “load” well with paint. The bristles do more than provide a point for you to apply paint. The bristles hold paint and the more paint it can hold, the longer you can paint without re-dipping and the better you can flow lines and fine detail. For those like us using acrylic paints for miniatures, the fast dry time on the brush is a problem so loading is a definite benefit for your painting.

Sable is a vastly superior material for brushes in these regards. Win
sor & Newton sum this up nicely. “Each brush comes to a crisp point and snaps back into shape during use, with the right degree of spring to allow superior control between the brush and surface. The colour flows evenly and consistently from the point, with enough colour carrying capacity in the belly of the brush to allow flowing gestural strokes.” This spring and flow of a sable brush is key to controlling paint and laying down detail and subtle shading.

The Series 7 come in two variations, an “art round” and a “miniature” variety. The sizes are the same 1, 0, 00, and 000 but the barrels are different. The art round has longer bristles and loads considerably better than the miniature brush. The miniature brush while loading less well, has a very springy and sharp point so it is perfect for ultra precision. Ultimately, which style is best for you depends on your painting style and needs. Myself, I prefer the standard rounds as the points are still extremely sharp and the loading capacity is more important to me for shading and solid base coating. I do reach for the miniature brush when I’m dotting in eyes etc. but for me, the round #1 is 90% of my painting. Try one out and see for yourself!

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Corvus Belli Line now Available

We have finalized our distribution for the Corvus Belli Infinity line and they are now available! There are hundreds of¬†products in the line so it is going to take us a while to get it loaded on the site. If there is something you want that is not posted yet, send an email, open a chat session, etc. and I’ll let you know availability and get what you need on the site for ordering immediately. I’m basically going to be loading them in the order they appear on Corvus Belli’s site but just know you can order anything, just let us know!