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Antenocitis Workshop restock has arrived!

lampposts_awi10055As you may know, we had a problem with our last Antenocitis Workshop reorder when it vanished in transit after clearing customs. You can see more info in our previous post here. Antenocitis Workshop (and by extension you and I) had to wait for UPS to complete their investigation and pay for the loss before Antenocitis Workshop could start remaking the order and getting it shipped to us. Antenocitis Workshop like most of our partners are a small company and large orders are manufactured as they are placed. Losing an order of our size and then having to turn around and make it again was stressful for everyone. Luckily, Antenocitis got right to it and now it has arrived and it includes some new products as well!

I’ll be going through it and getting it into inventory today and then fill any orders waiting on stock. Thanks again for your patience and understanding and a big thank-you to Antenocitis for getting inventory remade and back to us promptly!

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