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Please consider a donation to Child’s Play

Happy Thanksgiving to all our customers! We are truly grateful for your support the past year. However, we aren’t having a Black Friday sale. Now that we’ve passed Thanksgiving, we enter what should be a time of reflection. In looking back over the past year, we are necessarily drawn even farther back into memories of past years and people who filled them. For those of us who game, many of our best memories are with others like us in the community – the competition and camaraderie of past victories and defeats all shared with someone else across the table. I am always humbled by what a great community gamers are and how many of my best memories are from one side of the table or other.

Instead of giving us your money this Friday, take a moment to remember those we play and have payed with and please consider a donation to instead. They purchase board and video games for hospitals around the country so kids receiving care can have a little fun and distraction from what they are facing. You can even select which hospital your donation goes to. I am always humbled by what a great community gamers are so please consider helping out this season.