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The set consists of 2 foam parts which need to be assembled and one resin part.

Assembled foam Generator:
Length: 9 cm / 3,5 inch
Width: 21 cm / 8,5 inch
Height: 11 cm / 4,5 inch

Resin module:
Length: 6cm / 2,5 inch
Width: 7,5 cm / 3 inch
Height: 4cm/ 1,5

This model is made from high quality structure Hardfoam.
Hardfoam is lightweight,  durable and easy to cut with a knife or fretsaw.
To glue foam parts use PVA Glues
Resin module has been made from high quality resin.
The set is not painted. Miniatures not included. Models in the picture used for scale only.

Created by Jan Horydowiec


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