ITS Season 9 – Treason w/ exclusive O-Yoroi Kidobutai (TAG) miniature




  • A Classic Tournament Pack.
  • An exclusive O-Yoroi Kidobutai (TAG) miniature.
  • An Imperial Agents, Crane Rank miniature.
  • A Postcard of the JSA Uprising.
  • 2 exclusive JSA Coins.
  • An exclusive JSA patch.
  • A “JSA Uprising” badge.
  • A “StateEmpire” badge.
  • The ITS Season 9 Book: Treason

The Event Pack: TREASON allows you to organize a tournament set in a specific chapter of the universe of Infinity, focused on the JSA Uprising, a bloody battle for freedom. Will you be part of the Uprising or will you help to crush the subversive Japanese?

The Event Pack is designed to work 100% standalone. You will find all the prizes necessary for your tournament, as well as the entire contents of a Classic Tournament Pack. And if this isn’t that enough, it includes an incredible exclusive O-Yoroi Kidobutai miniature, ideal for the winner’s tournament prize; an Imperial Agents, Crane Rank miniature, a second great prize; and much more.

The event pack: TREASON is an exclusive pack with limited units, available while supplies last, so do not miss the opportunity to live this adventure!

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