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New Bandua Preprinted L-Buildings, Radar, and more Holosigns

Bandua continues to hit it out of the park with their new pre-printed line. We have always been huge fans of the Q-Packs and the pre-printed versions are really fantastic. However, the new L-Buildings are even better and an absolute most buy in our opinion for any table. The versatility of the Q and L series is pretty unrivaled in our opinion. They also come unpainted if you prefer that!

A radar dish has also been added to the line and makes a great objective or a large piece of roof cover. Rounding out the new product is a third set of holosigns. There are also great and are easily mounted to the edge of buildings or used as standalone on the street or roof tops.

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New Bandua Products Now In Stock!

Come and get them! Fresh from Spain, these new items are a fantastic add to your Infinity Table and ready to ship now!


Holodisplay Billboards (7) $21.25


Docking Area IX-52 $53.25


Industrial Oil tanks (2) $15.99


Barricades (4) $12.75


Compass Transport Boxes (3) $8.99


Consoles Electric-Lux (4) $12.75


Consoles I-Kohl (4) $12.75


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New Bandua Oil Tanks, Crane, and Signs!

Once again Bandua has made some fantastic new terrain. These should be available mid month on the site. Bandua’s designs are exceptionally clean and easy to play with on a table without have superfluous details that raise questions about line of sight etc. There are some of our absolute favorite products for this reason and you should have some on your table. Check out the pics below!

Oil Tanks

These are exactly what I mean by clean design. There is enough detail to be interesting but not so much to get in the way. These are simply great looking pieces that will fit in on any table but especially industrial themed ones.

BAI000070BAI000070_3 BAI000070_2


I’ve had many customers inquire about a crane to go with their industrial boards. If you have the Bandua Mag-Lev train, this should be a must own for you. Again, the design is clean without being overly busy.

BAI000071 BAI000071_2

Building Signs

These building signs really fill a need many of you have asked about. These signs are ready to hand on your buildings regardless of the manufacturer and require no assembly. They really help add atmosphere to an urban table at a great price point.

BAI000073_5 BAI000073_4 BAI000073_3 BAI000073_2 BAI000073

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Current List of Discontinued Corvus Belli SKUs – Jan 2016

This my list of discontinued SKUs that I just received. It contains all SKUs to date that have been discontinued for the past several years so much of it is not all new information. It does include some newly discontinued products as well. If there is something you want on this list, I would recommend getting it ASAP.




Devas Functionaries (Combi Rifle) ALEPH 280804-0229
Dakini Tactbots (Combi Rifle) ALEPH 280806-0238
Sophotects (Doctor, Engineer) ALEPH 280814-0281
Yudbots & Netrods (Ghost: Servant and AI Beacon) ALEPH 280820-0318
TankHunters (ADHL, HMG) Ariadna 280102-0002
Scout (Sniper) Ariadna 280104-0004
45th Highlander Rifles “Galwegian” Ariadna 280106-0012
Line Kazak (Rifle) Ariadna 280109-0031
Scout (E/Mauler) Ariadna 280110-0036
Antipode Assault Packs (Controller, 3 Antipodes) Ariadna 280111-0044
Dog Warrior + Dog Face (2 Chain Rifle, AP CCW) Ariadna 280112-0054
Van Zant (AP Rifle) – Special Character Ariadna 280115-0075
Minutemen (Rifle, Panzerfaust) Ariadna 280122-0128
Caledonian Volunteers (Rifle, Chain Rifle) Ariadna 280126-0157
Veteran Kazaks (T2 Rifle) Ariadna 280128-0175
3rd Highlander Rifles (AP HMG) Ariadna 280129-0185
9th Wulver Grenadiers (T2 Rifle) Ariadna 280130-0193
Métros (Rifle, Rifle and Light Grenade Launcher) Ariadna 280141-0262
9th Wulver Grenadiers (MK12, Grenades) Ariadna 280148-0314
Zouaves (D.E.P. Assault Pistol) Ariadna 280152-0337
Starter Pack Combined Army E. Comb. 280601-0065
Daturazi Witch Soldiers (Chain Rifle, Combi Rifle) E. Comb. 280602-0066
The Shrouded (Combi Rifle) E. Comb. 280603-0070
Morat Infantry (HMG) E. Comb. 280604-0071
Iskaller Jump Operator (Combi Rifle, Light Shotgun) E. Comb. 280607-0085
Morat Vanguard Infantry (Combi Rifle) E. Comb. 280610-0092
The Charontid (Plasma Rifle) E. Comb. 280611-0094
Suryats (HMG) E. Comb. 280612-0100
Drone Remotes E. Comb. 280613-0105
Morat Vanguard Infantry (Hacker) E. Comb. 280614-0114
Vector Operator (HMG) E. Comb. 280615-0123
Caskuda (TAG) E. Comb. 280616-0125
Malignos (Sniper) E. Comb. 280617-0133
Void Operators (HMG) E. Comb. 280618-0136
Suryats (Multi Rifle) E. Comb. 280622-0170
Med-Tech Óbsidon Medchanoid (Doctor, Engineer) E. Comb. 280623-0173
Slave Drones E. Comb. 280625-0180
Vector Operator (Hacker) E. Comb. 280626-0187
Seed Soldiers (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle + Light GL) E. Comb. 280631-0223
Yaogat Strike Infantry E. Comb. 280636-0266
Yaogat Strike Infantry (Multi Sniper Rifle) E. Comb. 280638-0280
Sogarat (HMG) E. Comb. 280644-0321
Ghulam Infantry (Doctor) Haqqislam 280404-0033
Janissaire (AP Rifle) Haqqislam 280405-0034
Janissaire (HMG) Haqqislam 280406-0038
Ghulam Infantry (Rifle + Light Shotgun) Haqqislam 280408-0042
Kum Motorized Troops 1 (Mono-wheel motorcycles) Haqqislam 280409-0043
Ghulam Infantry (Hacker) Haqqislam 280410-0055
Hassassin Ragiks (HMG, Rifle) Haqqislam 280411-0057
Najjarun Engineer (Engineer) Haqqislam 280414-0081
Kum Motorized Troops 2 (Mono-wheel motorcycles) Haqqislam 280415-0083
Naffatûn (Heavy Flamethrower, Rifle) Haqqislam 280416-0091
Muttawi´ah (chain rifle, e-marat) Haqqislam 280417-0099
Ghulam (HMG) Haqqislam 280418-0104
Hassassin Ragiks (Hacker) Haqqislam 280419-0111
Izzat Beg (Combi Rifle, Light Shotgun) – Special Character Haqqislam 280420-0115
Ahl Fassed (Boarding Shotgun) Haqqislam 280421-0124
Daylami Infantry (Rifle, Panzerfaust) Haqqislam 280423-0134
Halqa (Rifle + Light Shotgun) Haqqislam 280426-0149
Ghulam (Panzerfaust) Haqqislam 280427-0155
Azra il (Feuerbach) Haqqislam 280429-0164
Nasmat Remotes Haqqislam 280433-0189
Hassassin Muyibs (Rifle + Lightshotgun, Spitfire) Haqqislam 280434-0191
Azra il (Panzerfaust, AP Rifle) Haqqislam 280439-0239
Hafza Unit (Rifle + Light Shotgun) Haqqislam 280443-0274
Hassassin Muyibs (Rifle + Light LG, D.E.P.) Haqqislam 280444-0278
Janissaries (AP Rifle) Haqqislam 280453-0335
Hassassin Muyibs (Heavy Rocket Launcher) Haqqislam 280455-0358
Avicenna (Doctor) Mercenarios 280705-0174
Starter Pack Nomads Nómadas 280501-0047
Hellcats (Combi Rifle, ADHL) Nómadas 280503-0048
Mobile Brigada (HMG) Nómadas 280505-0050
Intruders (Combi Rifle, Sniper) Nómadas 280506-0051
Alguacil (Hacker) Nómadas 280507-0052
Alguaciles (Combi Rifle) Nómadas 280508-0056
Reverend Moira (Shock CCW, Multi Rifle) Nómadas 280510-0060
Alguacil (HMG) Nómadas 280513-0067
Intruder (HMG) Nómadas 280517-0102
Hellcats (HMG) Nómadas 280519-0119
Securitate (HMG) Nómadas 280520-0122
Zero (Combi Rifle, E/Mauler) Nómadas 280521-0129
Clockmaker (Engineer) Nómadas 280523-0147
Tomcats (Combi Rifle + Light Flamethrower, D.E.P.) Nómadas 280525-0159
Reverend Moiras (HMG) Nómadas 280526-0166
Interventor 2 (Hacker) Nómadas 280528-0178
Moderators from Bakunin (Combi Rifle) Nómadas 280531-0194
Alguaciles (Sniper) Nómadas 280532-0198
Zondbots Nómadas 280533-0202
Tomcats (Engineer) Nómadas 280535-0211
Daktaris 2 Nómadas 280553-0353
Tomcats and Zondcat (Doctor) Nómadas 280569-0488
Starter Pack PanOceania PanOceanía 280201-0005
Armoured Cavalry (TAG) PanOceanía 280203-0007
Akalis, Sikh Commandos (combi rifle, HMG) PanOceanía 280204-0013
Orc Troop (Multi rifle) PanOceanía 280206-0015
Fusilier (Hacker) PanOceanía 280207-0020
Fusiliers (Combi Rifle) PanOceanía 280209-0027
Fusilier (HMG) PanOceanía 280210-0028
Bagh Mari Unit (Combi Rifle) PanOceanía 280211-0037
Croc Men (Sniper) PanOceanía 280212-0045
Aquila Guard (HMG, Shock CCW) PanOceanía 280214-0069
Trauma-Doc (Doctor) PanOceanía 280215-0078
Machinist (Engineer) PanOceanía 280217-0096
Fusilier (Sniper) PanOceanía 280218-0101
Swiss Guard (ML) PanOceanía 280219-0109
Knights of Santiago (Spitfire, AP CCW) PanOceanía 280226-0143
Nisses (HMG) PanOceanía 280227-0148
Palbots PanOceanía 280228-0154
Fusilier (Light GL) PanOceanía 280235-0203
Aquila Guard (Multi Rifle, Shock CCW) PanOceanía 280236-0206
Acontecimento Regulars (Combi Rifle, Combi Rifle + Light GL) PanOceanía 280238-0221
Hexas (Spitfire) PanOceanía 280243-0263
Order Sergeants (Combi Rifle) PanOceanía 280246-0283
Nisses (MULTI Sniper Rifle) PanOceanía 280251-0319
Knights of Santiago (Combi Rifle + Boarding Shotgun) PanOceanía 280264-0415
Neoterra Bolts PanOceanía 280270-0487
Knights of Santiago (Boarding shotgun, AP CCW) PanOcenía 280273-0489
Invincible (HMG) Yu Jing 280302-0009
Tiger Soldiers (combi rifle, HMG) Yu Jing 280304-0016
Guijia (TAG) Yu Jing 280305-0017
Invincible (Multi Rifle) Yu Jing 280306-0022
Zhanshi (Combi Rifle) Yu Jing 280309-0025
Ko Dali (Combi Rifle) – Special Character Yu Jing 280313-0046
Yisheng (Doctor) Yu Jing 280318-0086
Wu Ming (Boarding Shotgun) Yu Jing 280319-0093
Mech-Engineer (Engineer) Yu Jing 280320-0103
Tiger Soldiers (Boarding Shotgun) Yu Jing 280321-0107
Keisotsu Butai (Combi Rifle) Yu Jing 280323-0118
Domaru Butai (Boarding Shotgun, AP CCW) Yu Jing 280326-0145
Domaru Butai (Chain Rifle) Yu Jing 280328-0152
Yaozao Yu Jing 280329-0158
Kempeitai (Boarding Shotgun) Yu Jing 280333-0184
Celestial Guard (Combi Rifle, Kuang Shi Control Device) Yu Jing 280338-0208
Celestial Guard (Spitfire, Sniper) Yu Jing 280343-0245
Imperial Agent: Pheasant Rank (Combi Rifle + E/Mitter) Yu Jing 280345-0258
Tokusetsu Butai (Doctor/ Engineer) Yu Jing 280353-0329
Hac Tao (HMG) Yu Jing 280360-0385
Celestial Guard (Hacker) Yu Jing 280361-0396
Tokusetsu Eisei (Doctor) Yu Jing 280372-0499
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New Bandua Building Street Signs!

We have another sneak preview of some upcoming Bandua products! These building signs are look great and are super simple which makes them perfect for adding interest to the table without being over done. They work with most HDF buildings as long as you have a ledge piece to hang them off of. Another advantage of the simplicity is that they are very reasonably priced and require no assembly or glue. These will be available around the end of the month and are sold as a complete set.

banduaStreetSign1 banduaStreetSign2 banduaStreetSign3 banduaStreetSign4 banduaStreetSign5 banduaStreetSign6 banduaStreetSign7 banduaStreetSign8 banduaStreetSign9

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Stocking – Now or Later?


Warmill is a company we have had numerous requests to stock here in the US and we have talked them and they do have terms available for us to do so. However, the initial order is not insignificant and since we just went live a little over a month ago, capital is short in supply so we need to be cautious whenever we add a new line.

So, I am trying to gauge interest to see if there is enough demand for us to bring it in now. Eventually, once we get settled, we definitely will be bringing it in because we think it’s great stuff . This is just to see if we perhaps go ahead and do it now. So, if you would potentially be interested in placing an order, drop me a line and I’ll get you pricing. If there are enough people ready to order, we will go ahead and bring them in.

Check out their great terrain: