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New Bandua Preprinted L-Buildings, Radar, and more Holosigns

Bandua continues to hit it out of the park with their new pre-printed line. We have always been huge fans of the Q-Packs and the pre-printed versions are really fantastic. However, the new L-Buildings are even better and an absolute most buy in our opinion for any table. The versatility of the Q and L series is pretty unrivaled in our opinion. They also come unpainted if you prefer that!

A radar dish has also been added to the line and makes a great objective or a large piece of roof cover. Rounding out the new product is a third set of holosigns. There are also great and are easily mounted to the edge of buildings or used as standalone on the street or roof tops.

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New Bandua Products Now In Stock!

Come and get them! Fresh from Spain, these new items are a fantastic add to your Infinity Table and ready to ship now!


Holodisplay Billboards (7) $21.25


Docking Area IX-52 $53.25


Industrial Oil tanks (2) $15.99


Barricades (4) $12.75


Compass Transport Boxes (3) $8.99


Consoles Electric-Lux (4) $12.75


Consoles I-Kohl (4) $12.75


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New Bandua Oil Tanks, Crane, and Signs!

Once again Bandua has made some fantastic new terrain. These should be available mid month on the site. Bandua’s designs are exceptionally clean and easy to play with on a table without have superfluous details that raise questions about line of sight etc. There are some of our absolute favorite products for this reason and you should have some on your table. Check out the pics below!

Oil Tanks

These are exactly what I mean by clean design. There is enough detail to be interesting but not so much to get in the way. These are simply great looking pieces that will fit in on any table but especially industrial themed ones.

BAI000070BAI000070_3 BAI000070_2


I’ve had many customers inquire about a crane to go with their industrial boards. If you have the Bandua Mag-Lev train, this should be a must own for you. Again, the design is clean without being overly busy.

BAI000071 BAI000071_2

Building Signs

These building signs really fill a need many of you have asked about. These signs are ready to hand on your buildings regardless of the manufacturer and require no assembly. They really help add atmosphere to an urban table at a great price point.

BAI000073_5 BAI000073_4 BAI000073_3 BAI000073_2 BAI000073

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Infinity October Release Preorders

Preorders for the October new releases are now available. Reserve yours now as they are sure to be hard to get!

Ariadna: USAriadnan Grunts
PanOceania: Svalarheima Nisses HMG
Yu Jing: Tiger Soldiers
Haqqislam: Hunzakuts (Rifle)
Nomads – Corregidor Alguaciles
Nomads – Mobile Brigada
 Combined Army: Drone Remotes
ALEPH: Acmon, Sergeant of Dactyls
Tohaa: Kosuil Assault Pioneers (Combi Rifle)